Hunter | Chocolate Lab Shed Hunter (retired breeder)

North Idaho Hunter

Hunter Antler Dog

North Idaho Snakeriver Antler Hunter is our beautiful, deep chocolate-colored male Labrador retriever. Hunter has it all. Great personality, drive, and a desire to hunt shed antlers non-stop. This dog literally loves the game of finding sheds. From the moment he is out of his kennel he is on search mode.

His pedigree is packed full of Master Hunters, Field Champions, and Champion Pointing Retrievers. Hunter is from the well known Barracuda Blue, Cajun of Black Forest, Candlewoods Super Tanker, Portland’s Muddy Waters, Way-Da-Go Call of the Wild, and the ever popular Jazztime bloodlines.


Check out Hunter’s Photo Gallery. Click these links to view details on Hunter’s heritage: Hunter’s Pedigree & Clearances, Hunter’s DNA, Hunter’s OFA, and Hunter’s Genetics.