Started Trainees | Shed Antler Hunting Dogs

For those of you who would like to finish a dog on their own, I am offering Started Shed Antler Hunting Dogs. These puppies by 5 and 6 months of age can be out with you shed antler hunting . With my started dogs, I will provide continued lesson on what to do to make sure you are successful with your shed antler hunting partner.

scroll downPrices of the Started Shed Antler Hunting Dogs:

Since all puppies mature and learn at different rates, this list is only a guideline of what the average puppy learns at these ages.

  • 4-Months-Old: $3,100
  • Puppy will retrieve antler to hand, sit on command, and knows the word “SEARCH”
  • 5-Months-Old: $3,700
  • Puppy will have more obedience training, will be exposed to vehicles, water, crate, unfamiliar noises, new people and will kennel on command. Puppy is now searching for hidden antlers when told to “SEARCH”
  • 6-Months-Old: $4,300
  • Puppy is getting more of the above, antlers are getting bigger and harder to find. He has learned to sit at an open kennel door until given the OKAY.
  • 7-Months-Old: $4,900
  • Puppy is building confidence and learning to range out further in his search for shed antlers in unfamiliar areas. Obedience is getting stronger, and he now comes back to the whistle.
  • 8-Months-Old: $5,500
  • Puppy is maturing and smoothing out rough areas of his training. Learning to be more obedient and getting more exposure to noises, people, vehicles and water. He comes back to a whistle and will SIT, STAY, KENNEL and LOAD UP on command. He will sit patiently at an open kennel door until you give him the OKAY.
  • Puppies over 8 months of age are considered finished and sell for $5800.

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