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North Idaho Antler Dogs ready to ride!

Hi, I am Diane Schmid of Pierce, Idaho. I am a Labrador Retriever breeder, specializing in trained shed antler hunting dogs. These dogs are taught to work for you, searching and retrieving sheds. The dogs are trained to use their nose, as well as their eyes. They know their job and they know it well, enjoying every moment of it. It’s fascinating to watch one of these well-trained dogs work the wind, trying to catch the scent of an antler. The moment he sniffs the correct scent, you can see him working it; zig-zagging back and forth until he zeros in on the antler. He then picks it up and retrieves it back to you.JANUARY 2015 shed antler hunting North Idaho Antler Dogs will go through the thickest brush, down into the deepest ravines, and up the steepest hills in search of an antler for you. They will cover 2-3 times the ground you or I can. With their keen sense of smell, they can find sheds hidden in brush or buried deep in snow or grass. I take pride in offering healthy, problem-free dogs that are AKC registered and come only from OFA or Penn hip certified parents that are clear of EIC and CNM hereditary diseases. My dogs have been bred for exceptional noses and train-ability. They are a very  versatile, multipurpose, family-friendly dogs. The bloodlines have been used for search and rescue, agility, hunt and field trials, therapy, dock jumping and diving, obedience, and many kinds of special needs, such as: dogs for the blind – detection dogs for bombs, drugs, diabetics, cadaver, etc. With their bloodlines and great personalities, the possibilities are endless. The North Idaho Antler Dog program consists of 4-6 trained shed hunting dogs a year. I start them out as puppies at the beginning of the year and are finished with training just in time for the following shed hunting season. At this time, they are ready to work for you, finding shed antlers. The dogs have also been introduced to 4-wheelers, crates, the back seat of a truck, all kinds of terrain and noises, water, strangers, children, other dogs and have learned a few house manners. Deposits are taken on these dogs as newborn puppies. This holds the dog in your name until the completion of his training. For those of you who are serious about shed antler hunting, or maybe just doing it for fun, North Idaho Antler Dogs will be an asset to your shed antler hunting activities. Best of all, you will have the perfect companion to do it with. Please continue browsing through my website and see what there is to offer. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. – Diane Schmid